What Are the Steps in Soldering Silver Jewelry?


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To solder silver, clean the metal, apply the flux, heat the solder, and finally cool the piece in water. The soldering process is simple, but it does require certain safety precautions.

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  1. Prepare the work area

    Because you are working with a torch, a safe work area in a well-ventilated room is important. Place a large ceramic tile on the table with a fire brick on top. Turn on an overhead lamp. Keep all of your tools at hand: solder, flux, a pickle pot, copper tongs, a cup of water and a small paintbrush.

  2. Clean the silver

    Place the silver into the pickle pot for a few minutes to remove any grease or oils that may have accumulated. Remove the metal with copper tongs, and set it on the fire brick.

  3. Brush on the flux

    With the small paintbrush, apply the flux to the area that is getting soldered.

  4. Add the solder

    Place a small piece of solder onto the area that is getting joined.

  5. Heat the metal

    Turn on the torch. Keep the flame above the silver and the solder. Do not apply the flame directly to solder. Let the heat from the torch melt the solder into the joint. As soon as the solder runs, turn off the torch.

  6. Cool the metal

    With the copper tongs, pick up the silver piece, and place it in the cup of water.

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