What Are the Steps for Building a Whirligig?


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To build a whirligig, gather the necessary items, such as a paper plate, scissors, hole puncher, string and markers. Next, decorate the paper plate with the desired color and design before cutting it into a spiral pattern. Punch a hole at the center, tie a string through that hole, and hang the whirligig by holding the string.

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It is possible to make a whirligig from various materials. Gather the required supplies before beginning the process, including the preferred material, scissors, hole puncher, string and markers, crayons, paint or pencil. Color the paper plate using various patterns and colors, and then use a pencil to draw a spiral on the plate. Cut the paper plate following the spiral pattern. Begin cutting the paper from outside, going inside. Increase the length of the whirligig by adding more spirals while drawing and cutting.

Using a hole puncher, punch a hole in the center of the paper plate. Punch the hole while lifting the plate in a way that allows the spirals to fall. Slide a string into the punched hole at the center, and tie it securely. Select a spot with gentle breezes to hang the whirligig, allowing it to float, spin and dance. Children can run around the yard with the whirligig, holding it like a kite, as it floats in the air.

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