What Are the Steps for Building a Portable Green Screen?


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When building a portable green screen, there are numerous designs and materials that can be used. The most simple and inexpensive method is to build the frame using PVC pipes and various connectors, such as 90-degree elbows, caps, T-connectors and couplings. Select a bright green material that is easy to keep wrinkle-free, such as polyester, and is of a suitable weight for the frame. Use tape, clips or glue to fit the material to the frame.

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  1. Determine the size of frame

    Establish how large the frame should be and if it is going to be standing or hanging once used. Piping and any parts required can be purchased from a hardware store, and there are various grades that can be used depending on your requirements. When purchasing the materials, remember that some length is lost at each connection and that extra medium pipes and four 90-degree elbows are needed for a hanging frame.

  2. Build the frame

    If the pipes have not been cut to measure, cut them with a hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter before assembling the frame. To build the frame, slide on one T-connector to the middle of one of the smaller PVC pipes, and repeat for the other. To build the main frame, place a 90-degree elbow at the top of each large pipe, and place the medium one in between. Place the bottom of each of the large pipes into in each stand.

  3. Measure and fit the green material

    Measure how large the green material must be to fit the frame. Cut the material according to these measurements, but leave a few extra inches so that the material can be wrapped around the top PVC pipe. Fix the material to the frame using glue, clips or tape.

  4. Disassemble the frame for transportation or storage

    Take apart the frame, and remove the green material. To avoid wrinkles, rap the material around the pipes. If wrinkles or creases appear, smooth them out with an iron before reassembling the screen.

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