How Do You Get Started in Freelance Photography?


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Get started in freelance photography by choosing a subject to specialize in, building a portfolio and marketing your work. Don't be afraid to start small, and practice as often as you can.

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Before getting your foot in the door, identify a subject you would like to specialize in. Figure out what kind of photography piques your interest, and make sure your the equipment requirements of your subject of choice are within your budget. Different subjects may require different lenses, cameras and even additional equipment such as drones or diving suits.

Once you've decided what to focus on, you should start building a portfolio. It does not have to consist of paid work. Entering photography contests, doing unpaid work for charities or schools and simply taking photographs to practice are three ways to expand your library. Once you're comfortable with the amount of presentable work you've gathered, select the absolute best of your work, and display them in your portfolio.

ArtStation is a free website where you can upload your work and build two portfolios simultaneously: one in the social networking part of the website and another under a subdomain with your name or alias. Whereas the former helps you better your skills by receiving feedback and criticism from a community of artists, the latter gives you a professional-looking portfolio that you can present to your prospective clients.

Finally, spread the word. Depending on the subject, you can send your portfolio to magazines, advertisement agencies, newspapers, modelling agencies and more.

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