How Do I Start a Stamp Collection?

start-stamp-collection Credit: LASZLO ILYES/CC-BY-2.0

The best way for someone to start a stamp collection is to pick what sort of stamps he wants to collect. There are certain classifications of stamps a person can start collecting from the mail, or by going to various stores or post offices.

One way some people start to collect stamps is by trying to collect everything from all around the world. However, according to, there are around 10,000 postage stamps issued every year and it would be extremely difficult to collect them.

Many people try to collect stamps from a specific country: their home country, a country where they spent a fun vacation or a country with interesting-looking stamps. In many countries, it is inexpensive and easy to collect most stamps issued, but there are always a few that are issued that can be far more expensive than others.

Another way to collect is to pick stamps based on a certain topic, such as animals or flowers. People can either collect stamps that have never been used, or used stamps that have already been on delivered mail.

Depending on how a person wants to collect stamps, there are several sources. The mailbox is an easy source to get started with a collection. If a person wants to purchase brand-new stamps, then they can buy them at their local post office or find stamp dealers, especially for specific subjects.