How Do You Start a Playgroup?


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Starting a local playgroup involves meeting other parents, choosing the most appropriate day and time for the group to meet, selecting a location, planning activities and establishing rules. A person can also decide the age range for her playgroup. Playgroups allow toddlers to grow socially, intellectually and emotionally.

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It is important to talk to other parents who are interested in joining a playgroup prior to allowing them to be members. An individual can decide the type of group they want to create. It can either be a children’s group or a combination of children and their parents. Post an ad in the local newspaper or on a website like MeetUp to outline your idea, and invite friends who have younger children. Contact prospective parents on the phone or using social networking online to plan the activities of the group. Agree on a plan of action for discipline issues or when play gets a little too rough, such as when temper tantrums or hitting occur. Create a schedule for the group.

For the toddlers, it is vital to keep the playtime short, around an hour at first, to avoid letting them become overstimulated and cranky. The group can either choose a particular location for their regular meeting or plan to rotate houses. When creating a playgroup, it is also vital to determine the desired age range for the kids and the maximum number of participants. This will allow the playgroup to be productive and benefit all the members. Share duties together with other parents in order to keep the group lively and organized.

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