How Do You Start a Craft Lace?


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Craft lace is typically used for the box braid, so to start a box braid, cut the craft lace, make an X, label the ends and start folding. Using craft lace to start a box braid takes roughly five minutes and requires craft lace and scissors.

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  1. Cut the lace

    Measure out two portions of craft lace. They should be equal in length. Remember that the box braid takes a lot of craft lace to make the width, so measure out approximately four times the length of the finished product.

  2. Label the ends

    For purposes of the tutorial, label the ends. Start by locating the center of each strand. Cross them at right angles to each other so that they form an X. Look at the X. Starting at the top right corner and working clockwise, assign each end a letter starting with A. The A strand should be the one overlapping the B strand. C is the other end of A, and D is the other end of B.

  3. Make the first fold

    Fold strand B over strand A, making the fold snug to the center.

  4. Make the second fold

    Fold strand A over the folded strand B and over strand D, making it snug.

  5. Fold the other side

    Fold strand D over strands A and C, making it snug to the center.

  6. Make the final beginning fold

    Fold strand C over strand D and under strand B.

  7. Tighten the box braid

    Pull on strands B and D together, then pull on strands A and C together to draw the box tight. Repeat this box braid for the length of the piece.

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