How Do You Start Collecting Owl Cookie Jars?


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The first step to starting a collection of owl cookie jars is to make the first purchase. Researching the items to be collected is crucial, notes Barbara Crews for About.com. This ensures you spend your money wisely without overpaying or, conversely, missing out on a good bargain.

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Whether collecting owl cookie jars as a passion or as an investment, it is a good idea to learn about the market. Internet research, browsing antique stores and joining a club of cookie jar fanciers are all good ways to learn more about collecting cookie jars in general, and owl cookie jars specifically.

Be aware that cookie jar counterfeiters produce reproductions of some of the more expensive or rare jars on the market. Often, if a jar is supposed to be old but is in perfect condition, it can be a red flag that the jar may be counterfeit, as cookie jars were often handled by children and old ones are not always in mint condition. Anyone collecting expensive owl cookie jars should check with an insurance agent to make sure insurance is going to cover the collection in case of any loss or damage. Keep an accurate inventory for the insurance company with pictures and receipts.

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