How Do You Start Collecting Antique Bird Cages?


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Before beginning an antique bird cage collection, decide what you intend to do with the cages and how much you can afford to invest. Vintage bird cages provide creative bases for decorative accents that add ambiance to weddings, homes, restaurants and offices.

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  1. Determine your motivation

    First, decide on your reason for acquiring antique bird cages. Whether your desire is to resell vintage cages for profit, embellish them for eclectic value or repurpose them for practical use, your intentions dictate how you proceed. If you plan on housing a live bird, the materials used to design the cage must also be considered for safety.

  2. Narrow your focus

    Determine the style, country of origin and historical era that interests you. Georgian and Victorian cages feature ornate designs and scroll work. Tunisian styling is recognizable by its curvy wire shapes. Wooden cages look like large mansions or small houses, and some wire cages are embellished with beads.

  3. Look for markings

    The manufacturer’s name, artist's name and date of construction imprinted into the metal or wooden base of a vintage bird cage help determine its value. Without those markings, it is difficult to ascertain whether a bird cage is an actual antique or a reproduction.

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