What Are Some Starfall Math Games?


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Some Starfall math games are "Coin Monkey," "Feed the Animals" and "Patterns." All of these math games are designed to help children learn math skills. The games are available to play online for free at Starfall.com.

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In "Coin Monkey," players help the monkey gather up loose change found in the area. The monkey runs across rooftops and swings from clothes lines while the players click on the coins. After gathering enough coins, the monkey takes them to a coin machine, which he uses to counts the coins and get larger coin denominations, such as five pennies exchanged for a nickel.

In "Feed the Animals," it is feeding time at the zoo and players must help feed three animals by counting the pieces of food correctly. The player chooses the correct number of food items from one of three choices. After selecting the correct answer, the animal eats each of the pieces as the numbers count backwards. At the end of the game, the animals sing and dance for the players' amusement. Each play finds different animals.

Players choose a repeating pattern to help them get through the maze in "Patterns." The repeating patterns include as few as two shapes and as many as five. Once in the maze, players must click on the shapes in their repeating patterns to move the child forward. After completing the maze, the game announces the shape of each piece in the pattern.

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