Where Are the Star Coins in "New Super Mario Bros." for the Wii?


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According to GameSpot, the star coins in "New Super Mario Bros." for the Wii are located in every level of the game, and they range from being in the direct path of the player to being hidden or appearing out of reach. Three star coins can be found in each stage. GameSpot has a full walkthrough on how to find every coin in the game.

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Even on stage 1-1, the first stage of "New Super Mario Bros." on the Wii, the three star coins are difficult to find, according to GameSpot. The first coin that players come across is hovering high in the air out of reach near the checkpoint. To get the coin, players need the propeller suit. There is a propeller suit in the item box just below the coin.

According to GameSpot, the second star coin on stage 1-1 is hidden. After the checkpoint, players come across a circular spinning section of ground. If players hang around the spinning section of ground long enough, it eventually reveals a warp pipe. The second coin is located in this pipe, but players have to wall jump or use the propeller suit to reach the coin because it is out of reach.

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