What Does Standardbred Canada Do?


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Standardbred Canada is an organization whose main function is to maintain a record of all Standardbreds in Canada as well as promote the culture of harness racing throughout Canada and the world. Standardbred Canada records, supervises, and distributes information regarding all registered Standardbreds and collects its data through field representatives at member racetracks. The organization records race data live and sends it directly to a computer system located at its headquarters in Mississauga.

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Additionally, the organization also offers insurance plans standardized for various members of the racing industry, including grooms, officials, licensed trainers and drivers. This insurance includes various types of coverage, such as accidental death and disability.

Standardbred Canada releases an official publication on a monthly basis called TROT magazine. This publication is available for free to any registered member of the organization. Standardbred Canada also maintains an archive of information regarding Standardbred horses and other horse breeds in a resource center made up of historical materials, books, videos, photos and publications. The resource center serves as a storage location for various silverware won by horseman Bill Herbert.

An elected board of directors operates Standardbred Canada and also manages various horse auctions, including the annual Canadian Open yearling sale.

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