What Are the Standard Requirements for Properly Setting up a Dart Board?


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A regular dart board hangs flush to the wall so the bull's eye is 5 feet 8 inches off the floor. The rules of darts state the player must stand 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from the board for steel-tip darts and 8 feet for soft-tip darts.

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What Are the Standard Requirements for Properly Setting up a Dart Board?
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The dart board must rest flush to the wall without an leaning or slanting to the board. A properly mounted dart board hangs with the 20 section toward the top. If the dart board has a separate scoreboard, it typically goes either to the left or right of the board.

The mounting location should allow enough space for players to stand the designated distance from the board. Some dart board sets include a rug or mat to mark the throwing line and distance from the board, which may extend 2 feet beyond the throwing line.

The location should be away from the flow of traffic to prevent injuries or interference with the game. Good lighting also serves as an important consideration when choosing a location for the dart board. Because darts sometimes miss the board completely, extra wall space on either side of the board keeps the darts from disappearing or hitting something they shouldn't hit. Hanging the board away from breakable items such as windows or decorative items that could fall also helps prevent accidents.

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