What Is the Standard Card Deck for "Magic: The Gathering"?


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Each player's card deck for Magic: The Gathering must contain a minimum of 60 cards. However, in limited tournaments, the minimum deck size is 40 cards. The deck size has no maximum, but the player must be able to shuffle the deck without help. Players build their personal decks for each game from their own cards with thousands of possibilities available. Some cards are restricted or banned from certain games.

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While building a deck for Magic: The Gathering, each player may include up to four copies of any card with the exception of specified cards and basic lands cards. To build a deck, players must assess the power of each card and its potential interactions with other cards that they expect to play. In addition, choosing the colors to include in a deck is key to the building of a deck. Limiting colors increases the likelihood of drawing the lands needed for casting given spells, but it restricts a player's available choice of tactics.

As of 2014, standard Magic tournaments do not ban any cards and permit the use of all cards from the Born of the Gods, Dragon's Maze, Gatecrash, Journey Into Nyx, Return to Ravnica and Theros sets, as well as all cards from Magic 2014 and 2014 core sets. Extended, modern, classic and legacy tournaments permit a larger selection of cards, but they also ban and restrict certain cards.

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