Who Is Stampy in "Minecraft" Games?

Who Is Stampy in "Minecraft" Games?

Stampy is a computer animated feline character who appears in a different "Minecraft" video every day on YouTube. He is alternately known as Mr. Stampy Cat, Stampylonghead and Stampylongnose.

Stampy was created by Joseph Garrett of Portsmouth, England, who records himself playing the computer game "Minecraft" with his friends and uploads them to YouTube. As of 2015, his YouTube channel Stampylonghead is among the 10 most-viewed in the world, beating out such popular culture megastars as Katy Perry and One Direction. Stampy is particularly popular among young children. The channel has more than three million subscribers, but Garrett has kept quiet on how much revenue it generates for him.

Garrett studied TV and video production in college and was living at his parents' home when he started the Stampy character.

"Minecraft" was created by Swedish developer Markus Persson and was released in 2011. It has exploded in popularity since, which could help explain Stampy's success. In 2014, it became the second most popular computer game of all time.

The game involves building structures using different types of boxes. Players also can craft weapons and other tools. In survival mode, they must dodge creatures such as creepers and zombies as they make their way through various landscapes.