How Do You Stamp Metal?


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To stamp metal, first start by using a pencil to draw guidelines. Once the guidelines are evenly spaced out, tape down the piece of metal on a stamping block to ensure it does not shift while it is being stamped.

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Lay stamps out in order before beginning to ensure that words or phrases are spelled correctly or that the arrangement of images is appropriate. This makes it easier to establish a rhythm for stamping each letter or image with the same pressure for each hit since there is little time between each hit. Once the stamps are arranged, place the first one on the guideline.

There are specialty stamping hammers that can be purchased which are ergonomic and double-sided for different types of stamps. Any hammer can be used to hit the stamps, as long as the stamps are not hit with too much force. The hammer is held just above the stamp head and the text on the stamp body should face the stamper. Firmly holding the stamp perpendicular to the table, hit the stamp once and with light force.

If the letter or image does not show properly, align the stamp in the same groove and try again but be very careful not to create a shadowed letter. Repeat this step until all the stamps are used. It is always a good idea to have several pieces of metal in case the stamps are not aligned or the metal is damaged from hitting the stamp too hard.

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