How Do You Stain Fabric With Tea?


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To stain fabric with tea, the fabric used for staining is first washed and then soaked in freshly steeped tea for at least one hour. The stronger the tea brew and the longer that the fabric remains in the tea, the darker the fabric stain produced.

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Fabric used for staining with tea must be washed before the staining process in order to remove oils, dirt and finishing spray if it is a new fabric. Inexpensive tea bags with the tags cut off can be used for the staining. A stirring utensil is also required to stir the fabric into the fresh tea brew used for staining.

To prepare the tea used for fabric staining, a pot or kettle of water is heated until boiling. After the water has boiled, the heat source is turned off and numerous tea bags are placed into the water to steep. The fabric can then be inserted into the water and stirred to distribute the tea evenly around it. After the fabric has steeped for at least one hour, it can be removed and then rinsed in a cold water bath.

The amount that the fabric is rinsed after soaking in the tea also determines the depth of stain. Lastly, the fabric can be dried and ironed. Tea stained fabric will fade over time when washed.

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