How Do You Sprint in "Minecraft"?


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Double tapping the "W" button is the default keyboard command to sprint in the PC version of "Minecraft." Sprinting lowers the hunger bar, and the ability is only available on land. Players can change the default commands to whatever key they wish, such as the "up" arrow key or the "enter" key. The left "ctrl" button also lets players sprint with a single tap, in the PC version.

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To sprint in the XBox 360 edition of "Minecraft," players push forward and hold the left joystick. As with the PC version, sprinting lasts as long as the hunger meter is high enough. In "peaceful" mode, the hunger meter does not go down based on physical activity. Therefore, players can sprint for longer periods of time in peaceful mode.

Users have other options for land travel in "Minecraft," including mine carts and a horse that gallops faster than a sprint. Horses can also jump, but players must monitor the jump meter to maximize a jump. Riders can use a horse after it has been tamed and saddled. Donkeys and mules can also be ridden, but they move more slowly than horses.

In "creative" mode, players can fly above the land, and may do so without fear of dying. This is the fastest mode of transportation, aside from teleporting from one spot to another.

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