What Sports Does PBS Kids Offer in Online Games?

What Sports Does PBS Kids Offer in Online Games?

The PBS Kids website offers children online sports games such as soccer, ping pong, archery, horseshoes and boomerang. These games are listed under Maya and Miguel's World of Sports. These are simple interactive games that most children can play.

For example, the soccer game has players helping Miguel score goals. It is a fast game in which children have to beat the clock to get as many goals as possible in 60 seconds. The game also has an introduction to the sport of soccer in which Miguel talks about the history of the game with other characters.

The archery game is another fun game that children may enjoy. The game also has a short history of the game in which children learn that target archery as sport dates back to 14th century England. However, kids also learn that the use of the bow and arrow goes back thousands of years. The game involves trying to hit the center of the target with the help of the computer mouse to aim the arrow.

The ping pong, horseshoes and boomerang games follow the same pattern as the other two games where children learn a little about each sport before playing a game. All the games are easy to play by following the instructions.

PBS Kids offers many other games that are educational and help children with school topics like reading and math. The site also has many fun games that are entertaining, such as Mix and Paint, the Cookie Case and Code Breaker.