What Is the "Spore" Game?

What Is the "Spore" Game?

"Spore" is a simulation game released in 2008 for Macintosh and Windows computers. The game merges a number of different genres together, with the overall goal being to evolve a complex species from a single cell.

"Spore" was published by Maxis and draws together concepts from a number of its previous simulation games, most notably the "Sim" series, which was also developed by company founder Will Wright.

The gameplay of "Spore" is divided into distinct phases. Players start with a simple organism living underwater. They must maneuver the organism around to find food and avoid predators. They can also find tiny meteor fragments that allow the organism to evolve.

In the next phase of the game, players create a larger and more complex creature based in part on what they did in the previous phase. Players also nest with others of their own species and interact with different species.

After more evolution, the species becomes fixed, and players enter the tribal phase, in which a tribe of the species is controlled in real-time as they scavenge and develop basic tools and weapons. Players must form alliances with or conquer a number of other tribes, at which time they move on to a civilization-building phase. Players then eventually move on to explore outer space.