What Are Some "SpongeBob SquarePants" Games?

What Are Some "SpongeBob SquarePants" Games?

"Hot Sand Hustle," "Pool Party Pooper," "Surfing Showdown," "Gnarly Rip Curl" and "Grand Sand Fortress" are games inspired by the "SpongeBob SquarePants" television show. They are all free to play on the Nickelodeon network's website.

In "Hot Sand Hustle" SpongeBob has to collect enough money to buy ice cream for his best friend Patrick. It is very hot outside, so he has to make sure to keep his feet from burning by using towels and pool dips while making his deliveries.

In "Pool Party Pooper," the poor anchovies are burning up and players have to help SpongeBob keep them cool and covered with sunscreen. Patrick is in a mischievous mood, body slamming the anchovies unless the player keeps throwing him snacks.

In "Surfing Showdown," SpongeBob and Patrick go surfing at Goo Lagoon, and players have to pick the tricks and routines they do to score the highest points in the showdown. In another surfing game "Gnarly Rip Curl", the player has to guide SpongeBob and his surfboard to avoid the jellyfish and collect coins.

In "Grand Sand Fortress," Plankton is after the Krabby Patty recipe again, and it is up to the player and SpongeBob to stop him. Puzzles built around sand castle themes create the levels of play in this game.