How Do You Spin a Ping Pong Ball?


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Putting spin on a ping pong ball requires a stroking movement of the paddle against the ball when hitting it. The paddle must be angled and then brushed across the ball to add spin. With practice, backspin, topspin, and sidespin can be applied to a ping pong ball.

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Achieving topspin requires you to strike the ball in the middle of an upwards and forward motion with the paddle, tilting the paddle forward a bit so that the top edge of the paddle is covering the view of the ball when it strikes the paddle. Backspin is created by striking the ball in the middle of a downwards motion, starting above the ball and brushing across it as the swing moves below it. Sidespin requires hitting the ball with the paddle moving sideways of the ball, but often applies topspin or backspin in the process of hitting the ball forward. Spin is applied to make the return of the ball more difficult for the other player by altering the way the ball moves upon its bounce.

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