What Are Some Spider-Man Games Online?

What Are Some Spider-Man Games Online?

Spider-Man games available for free online include "Spider-Man Epic Battles," "Spider-Man: Monsters Under Midtown," "Spider-Man Dark Side" and "Ultimate Spider-Man Cyber Sabotage." MarvelKids.com, DisneyXD.com and HeroesArcade.com all contain a variety of Spider-Man games.

"Spider-Man Epic Battles," available on MarvelKids.com, contains three memory games, including memory tile and memory sequence. Each time the player correctly matches the sequence, or tiles, he aides Spider-Man in defeating his enemy. Other Spider-Man games available on MarvelKids.com include "Web Shooter," "Wall Crawl" and "Ultimate Spider-Cycle." Games range in difficulty from easy to hard.

"Spider-Man: Monsters Under Midtown," available on both DisneyXD.com and MarvelKids.com, involves shooting webs to capture monsters escaping from a portal. "Ultimate Spider-Man Cyber Sabotage" is also available on both websites, and involves defending Headquarters from OSCORP using various attacks.

"Spider-Man Dark Side," available on HeroesArcade.com, involves shooting webs to assist Spider-Man over holes. Other Spider-Man games available on HeroesArcade.com include "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Spider-Man Cartoon Coloring," "Web of Worlds" and "City Raid."

HeroesArcade.com contains more Spider-Man games than DisneyXD.com or MarvelKids.com. Games on HeroesArcade.com range from coloring, memory and trivia games to battle, racing and web shooting games. The website contains what are called Spider-Man 3 games, or the third generation of online Spider-Man games. DisneyXD has the least amount of Spider-Man games available. All of the games are free to play online at each website.