What Are Some Special Chess Moves?


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One special move in chess is called the Queen's Gambit, an opening move that features white pressuring black with the queen piece very early in the game. Chess is a game with thousands and thousands of possible move combinations, and players have developed a number of interesting and special moves that can be used by beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

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One example of a complex and advanced special move in the opening stage of the game is the so-called Nimzo-Indian move. This strategy is used by the black player to get the knight and the bishop into the center of the board early on. An example of a very simple and beginner-level chess move is "castling," which is a defensive move that allows the king to move two tiles to the side while jumping the rook over the king to an adjacent tile. This is generally used to safeguard the king against an oncoming attack. Another example of a special chess move is the Sicilian Defense, which is a response to white's opening move. This maneuver involves black moving the first pawn to the position e4-c5, and it's a special move that is designed to provide a strong defensive response to white's first move.

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