What Are Some Spanish Musical Instruments?

The classical guitar, the Galacian gaita and castanets are all typical Spanish musical instruments. All three were used traditionally in Spanish music and are still used today to perform in a variety of genres including folk, classical and flamenco.

The classical guitar is a wooden instrument with a hollow wooden body and a rigid neck. It was developed from a traditional instrument called the vihuela, an instrument popularly used in the mid-16th century, primarily in the region of Iberia. The classical guitar has six strings and can be played by plucking the string with either fingers or a pick.

The Galacian gaita are bagpipes traditionally from the regions of Galacia and Asturias in Spain. While they share similarities with both the Irish and Scottish bagpipes, the Galacian gaita are decorated with different colors and patterns and usually have a different number of sound-producing drones. They are still in use today and are often seen during Galacian festivals or public performances.

Castanets belong to the family of percussion instruments called clappers. Castanets are held in the hand and rhythmically struck together to create a clicking sound. Made from concave pieces of pear-shaped, hollowed-out hardwood joined by a string, they are commonly used in folk music and during dance numbers.