What Are Some Space Shooter Games?


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Some of the most popular space shooter games are "Star Citizen," Elite Dangerous" and "No Man's Sky." While "Elite Dangerous" and "No Man's Sky" are completed games that receive frequent updates, "Star Citizen" is considered an early access game, which people can buy and play to help further the development of the game.

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"Star Citizen" has been in development for several years and is envisioned to have a massive, persistent universe that gives players total freedom in what they want to do. Not only can players become fighter pilots, but traders, mercenaries or whatever else they can imagine. However, as of 2015, content is limited as updates to the game have been slow. Still, there are several full-sized space ships to explore and fly, with more offered to people to pledge money to the development of the game.

The goal of the game "Elite Dangerous" is similar to "Star Citizen," but is in its full release version. The game boasts millions of planets, star systems and galaxies to explore and fight over for the money needed to purchase more weapons and supplies for their ships.

"No Man's Sky" allows players to fight others for possession of planets, which hold the resources needed in order to upgrade their flight suits, weapons and more. Combat is in first person and the game offers a huge universe for players to explore and battle over.

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