What Are Some Sources for Vintage RC Semi Trucks?


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RC Planet and Custom RC Models are some sources where buyers can find vintage RC semi trucks, as of 2016. These sites specialize in selling and servicing these trucks and their replacement parts.

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RC Planet presents customers with a wide variety of RC vehicles from cars and trucks to crawlers and helicopters. They can select vintage RC semi trucks under the RC trucks category. Other features that a buyer can use to search for vintage RC semi trucks include price range, skill level, scale and build type. Additional search options include power type and manufacturer. The results display the image of the truck and its name, description, price and availability.

Custom RC Models allows shoppers to navigate the site and browse through available vintage RC semi trucks. The store features scale 4X4 RC semi trucks that come complete with photos and ad posting dates. The site provides the option of clicking on a given picture to view additional details such as the price, year, model and engine type. Listings also include manufacturer details and seller information. In addition, users get a chance to check out some of the vintage RC semi truck replacement parts available for sale in the store.

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