What Are Sources for Scoring Charts for Duplicate Bridge?


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RP Bridge, Bridge Guys and the American Contract Bridge League all provide scoring charts for duplicate bridge. While it does not provide a chart, Cornell University does provide scoring rules and examples for duplicate bridge.

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Duplicate bridge is a form of contract bridge that is popular in tournaments and bridge clubs. In duplicate bridge, the same arrangement of cards is played at each table. Players are scored based on their performance relative to the other players. This eliminates the element of chance found in other forms of bridge and allows the players to be judged solely on skill.

Because each table uses the same cards, duplicate bridge uses special precautions to prevent players from passing information to each other. These include card holders, screens and bidding boxes. These both prevent players from intentionally passing information to partners and help minimize the accidental passing of information.

Duplicate bridge can be played in pairs, team games or individual events. In team games, a team consists of two different pairs. In individual games, players are paired up with a different random partner in each round. Individual events are the least-popular type of duplicate bridge game. Both pairs and team games are more-popular events.

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