What Are Source Codes for Java Games?


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The source code for a Java game is the underlying programming script that makes the game function. Source code for commercial games is usually concealed to protect the game from piracy, but there are many examples of free and open source game code for programmers to examine and modify.

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Prior to the development of Java, computer games were most often coded in the C or C++ languages. Java offered an alternative form of coding that is somewhat less complex but is widely standardized across the Internet and on mobile phones. Programmers intending to create games in Java still need a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the language. Java games can vary widely in complexity, from simple ports of concepts first used in very old arcade games to major commercial games with three-dimensional graphics like "Minecraft" and "Spiral Knights." Popular multiplayer online games have also been made in Java, such as "RuneScape" and "Puzzle Pirates."

The website SourceForge hosts source code for many different types of Java games. Categories at the site include real-time strategy, first-person shooters, turn-based strategy, role-playing, simulation, multi-user dungeons, puzzles, board games, arcade games, card games, flight simulators, hobbies, multiplayer, MMORPG and sports. Similar sites include Freesourcecode.net and Java-Gaming.org.

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