What Is the Soul Eater of Ragnarok?


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Ragnarok is a soul-eating demon sword from the Japanese manga and anime series "Soul Eater." He is wielded by a character named Crona. At his introduction, Ragnarok is the first inhuman weapon shown in the series, and he is known to be indiscriminate when choosing which souls to absorb. Due to consuming souls of the innocent, Ragnarok eventually becomes insane and could potentially consume the soul of his own wielder.

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Later in the animated television version of the series, Ragnarok's out-of-control soul wavelength is cleansed by a character named Maka, and their interaction reduces the danger of his turning against his wielder. In the manga, the innocent souls that Ragnarok consumes are instead confiscated by death.

His initial appearance is that of a large muscular figure emerging from Crona's back. As an inhuman weapon, Ragnarok initially merges with Crona's blood. His face is shaped as a large egg with no visible mouth, dominated by a white X. After being cleansed of the souls he consumes, his appearance becomes much smaller and less intimidating, and his muscles become much less defined.

Ragnarok's relationship with Crona, his wielder, can be compared to that of a tempestuous and somewhat violent pair of siblings.

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