What Sorts of Handicraft Items Can You Make With a Coconut Shell?

sorts-handicraft-items-can-make-coconut-shell Credit: tree-species/CC-BY-2.0

Coconut shells are used to make a variety of handmade items, including candle holders, jewelry and accessories, kitchen and household items, figurines and many other products. Rugs, mats and wall hangings are also made from the fiber around the nut.

A coconut-shell candle holder is a simple product that is made with coconut halves. With a wick mounted in the center, melted wax is poured into the sliced shell. Complementing home decor with a natural style, this piece makes a nice gift.

A jewelry box made from a coconut shell is another craft project that is great as a gift. Coconut shells are also used to make necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, belts and other accessories.

Dining sets and dishes made with coconut shells are common in various tropical locations. Coconut shells, cut into half or pieces, are used to make kitchen items such as cups, bowls, ladles and spoons. They are also used to make plates and coasters. Other household items made with coconut shells include vases, hanging planters and bird houses.

Making coconut-shell sculptures and figurines is an artistic craft that many people enjoy. Intricately carved figurines made with coconut shells are designed with themes such as animals, sea creatures and flowers.