How Does Sora Attain the Final Form?

In the "Kingdom Hearts" series of games, Sora's Final Form is attained by using both Donald, Goofy, and five of Sora's Drive Bars. It can be unlocked when Sora and Roxas come to terms during the Dive to the Heart scene in the "Kingdom Hearts 2" game.

After Sora and Roxas fight at The World That Never Was, this form is added to the Drive list, but it is not activated right away like the others. When in Final Form, Sora constantly hovers above the ground and wields two Keyblades. Unlike the other forms, the Keyblades float behind him and he manipulates them through telekinesis. The Keyblades strike when Sora jumps or glides as well.

Final Form gains 1 experience point for every Nobody defeated, including Organization XIII members. During Final Form, if Sora levels up, he has the ability to use Glide while he is in Standard Form. Because of this extreme form, Sora is turned into a living weapon. When he makes contact with enemies while gliding or jumping, he causes major damage to his opponent. However, because of this ability, Sora's power, speed and magic are all dramatically increased by the time he comes out of the form.