How Do You Get Into Sootopolis City?


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To get into Sootopolis City, locate and follow the underwater path on Route 126. At the end of the path, end the dive session and rise to the entrance of the city. The buildings are embedded in the sides of the volcano for easy access.

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  1. Dive on Route 126

    Look for the dark blue space on Route 126. While hovering over the space, select a Pokémon that knows Dive to go under the water.

  2. Follow the underwater path

    Once the Pokémon dives underwater, the player is taken to a special path. This underwater path forms a complete circle around the volcano, with the entrance in the center of the south side.

  3. Go through the cave entrance

    Before ending the dive session, pass through the small cave entrance. This leads to the bottom of the lake in the center of Sootopolis City.

  4. Swim to the surface

    Return to the surface by selecting the Dive move a second time.

  5. Surf to the shore

    After reaching the surface, navigate back to land. Sootopolis City has multiple entrance points, all of which are accessible by using Surf. The Gym is located on the center island, while the homes, Pokémon Center and Mart are located on the sides.

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