Where do you get a Soothe Bell in Pokeman?


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Soothe bells are in different locations depending on which version "Pok��mon" game one is playing, and typically there is only one soothe bell available in each game. Introduced in the third generation of "Pok��mon" games, a soothe bell is an item that a pok��mon may hold to increase its friendship toward the player. Some pok��mon only evolve once their friendship level is maximized.

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The following is a general listing of soothe bell locations:

  • In "Pok��mon Ruby," "Pok��mon Sapphire" and "Pok��mon Emerald," the soothe bell may be found in Slateport City. A woman gives it to the player if the player is traveling with a pok��mon that has the maximum level of happiness.
  • In "Pok��mon Fire Red" and "Pok��mon Leaf Green," the soothe bell is hidden in Lavender Town in Mr. Fugi's house. An item-finder is needed to locate the soothe bell.
  • In "Pok��mon Diamond," "Pok��mon Pearl" and "Pok��mon Platinum," the item may be found in the Pok��mon Mansion. A woman on the second flood gives the soothe bell to the player. A second soothe bell is given by Cheryl in "Pok��mon Platinum," after the player escorts her through Eterna Forest.
  • In "Pok��mon Heart Gold" and "Pok��mon Soul Silver," two soothe bells may be found. The first is in the National Park and the second is held by the Steelix that Jasmine trades to the player.
  • In "Pok��mon Black" and "Pok��mon White," a soothe bell may be found in Nimbasa City.
  • In "Pok��mon X" and "Pok��mon Y," a soothe bell is located in Shalour City.
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