What Are Some Song Chords Available on Chordie?


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A7, Dm and G major are guitar chords featured in the Pete Seeger song, "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" on Chordie. Cmaj7, Em, Gsus4, D and C major chords appear in the Peter Gabriel song "Red Rain" also on Chordie.

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Chordie.com provides a searchable index of songs and chords that are available online. Many songs on Chordie offer tablature versions. The site does not host songs on a server but offers transcriptions of more than 250,000 songs that are found on other websites. Users may upload songs to Chordie only if those songs are published on at least one other webpage.

Chordie users can search for songs by alphabetical title or artist name. Chordie songs that are not presented in plain text format can be transposed to other keys. Song chords can be shown for guitar, mandolin and five-string, plectrum and tenor banjo. Chordie songs can be shown for C, D and baritone ukulele.

Chordie is a free lyrics and chords site that anyone may use. People who register can save a songbook of their favorite songs. Songbooks may be kept private or shared as a public songbook with other Chordie users. The Chordie Resources section offers printable chord charts and a list of other lyrics and chord sites.

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