How Does Someone Make an Origami Star Box?


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A small 1.5-square-inch origami star box can be made by folding a regular 6-inch origami paper in a systematic pattern. Larger boxes can be made with larger sheets of origami paper. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to create various objects.

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How Does Someone Make an Origami Star Box?
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Start with folding the colored origami paper into a square with half the squared dimensions by folding it once horizontally and once vertically, so that the colored side is visible. From there, turn the square so that of the corners are facing you, in the shape of a diamond, and fold the bottom right-hand side of the diamond inward. Open the folded flap slightly so that it's at a 90-degree angle from the diamond base, and spread the two papers that make up the flap, squashing the top portion downward.

Repeat this process on the bottom-left hand side of the diamond base. Turn the origami paper around and repeat on the other side so that there are four total flaps, two on each side.

Since the diamond base has four sides, two of which are hidden, reveal the two sides by flipping the current sides of the base. Again fold both sides of the bottom flaps to meet the center. Fold the flaps below upwards, and push out the final object to see the box appear.

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