How Does Someone Make a Hillbilly Costume?

Make a hillbilly costume with denim overalls, flannel shirt, scarf and a felt or straw hat. A wild-haired wig and blackened teeth help to complete the costume.

A hillbilly outfit is a good last-minute choice for Halloween and costume parties. It is quick, and easy to throw together with things found in most wardrobes.

  1. Get the outfit together
  2. A hillbilly costume can be put together with the right clothes. Think about country wear like denim overalls, flannel shirts or even camouflage worn by hunters. If the clothing items are worn-out or torn, it only adds hillbilly flavor to the costume.

  3. Blacken the teeth
  4. Make it look like a few teeth are missing by blackening them. A tooth-blackening wax is available for purchase. However, it is possible to get by with black licorice. Just mold the licorice around the tooth. Its gummy nature will help hold it in place. Keep a bag of licorice on hand to repair those blackened teeth as candy slowly wears away.

  5. Get hillbilly accessories
  6. Hillbilly accessories are perfect for completing an outfit. A wild-looking wig, if on hand, can disguise the appearance even further. No decent hillbilly would be caught without a straw, felt or even trucker hat.