How Does Someone Make a Football Pool?

The most common football pool can be made by making a 10x10 grid with numbers running vertically and horizontally on the grid; the winning combination is determined by the grid numbers that match the last digit of the game's score. The second digit of a two-digit number is the one that is used to determine the winner.

To make a football pool:

  1. Making the grid.
  2. Using colored pens, make the 10x10 grid. Number the top of the grid horizontally with the numbers zero through nine, above each square. Number the left side of the grid vertically with numbers zero through nine, next to each square. Assign one team to the horizontal numbers and the opposing team to the vertical numbers.

  3. Claiming the squares
  4. Each square is purchased for one unit. Multiple squares can be purchased by the same person. It is always best if all squares are claimed. Write the person's name or initials in the chosen squares.

  5. Playing the pool
  6. Pool payouts can be done at the end of each quarter with the final game scores having the highest payout. At the determined times, match the numbers of the grid to the last digit of each of the team's scores. Find where the two teams' numbers intersect on the grid to discover the winning square.