How Do You Solve Word Scramble Problems?


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Solve a word scramble problem by identifying patterns in the available letters, such as a common suffix or prefix, to use as a starting point. Also, rearrange the letters to create pairings and visual keys for possible words, such as arranging the letters in a circle or by letter type.

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When solving a word scramble problem you should begin by examining each letter in the puzzle and looking for any patterns according to common prefixes or suffixes. For example, if the scramble includes the letters "E" and "D," it is possible that they form the suffix "-ED." Thus, you can place those letters together at the end and work on rearranging the other letters in front of them. This provides you with a direction for eliminating possible words, rather than simply rearranging the letters randomly in the hopes of forming the word.

Another common technique involves creating an alphagram, which is the letters arranged in alphabetical order. Viewing the letters in a new configuration allows you to change perspective and recall certain words that consist of a specific alphagram. You should also break up the letters into groups of consonants and vowels, as it is often possible to identify words according to only the consonants. This also helps to identify any letters that may repeat in the word, such as the letters "E" and "L."

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