How Do You Solve a Wooden Star Puzzle?

To solve a wooden star puzzle, place two of the pieces together, and then add a third. Repeat with the other three pieces. Twist the two halves together.

  1. Interlock two pieces

    The wooden star puzzle begins with six identical wooden pieces. Put the first two pieces together by holding one piece vertically. Then, place the second piece horizontally into the top niche of the other piece.

  2. Interlock the third piece

    Keep holding the first two pieces together. Add the third piece in one of the empty slots created when the first two pieces were put together. The pieces should look like a triangle when looking at the center.

  3. Repeat with the other three pieces

    Put the other three pieces together in the same way as the first three pieces. Do not stop holding the first three pieces together. Hold the first three piece figure in your first two fingers and thumb. Use your other two fingers and free hand to make the same figure again. If you try to put the pieces together one by one, you block the space for the final piece.

  4. Twist the halves together

    Twist the two halves together to complete the three dimensional puzzle. This step can be tricky, so get a feel for the right way to slide the pieces together. The completed puzzle forms a star shape.