How Do You Solve a Wooden Cube Puzzle?

The puzzle pieces of the wooden cube should be put into an "H" shape, after which the straight pieces can be added to the top and bottom of the "H" to make two cubes. The cubes can then be stacked upon each other, but both cubes need to be braced together using the brace pieces and the "T" pieces, which can be placed between the two cubes to hold the entire cube together. While the puzzle is one of moderate difficulty, it can be solved in these four steps if they are performed in the correct order.

The cube puzzle is a puzzle that dates to the 19th century. When it is put together, it has light pieces on the outside of the cube and darker pieces making up the interior of the cube. When it is taken apart, it is made up of 12 pieces total. These pieces are made up of large bars and pieces that are smaller, but still hold the same shape as the large bars. The object of the puzzle is to put the pieces back into a cube shape while using all of the pieces of the puzzle. Using only a few pieces of the puzzle can create a cube, but using all of the pieces is more difficult.