How Do You Solve the Rubik's Cube?


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To solve a Rubik's cube, familiarize yourself with the placement of the colors and how the colors fit on each piece, and then rotate the cube to complete a series of common patterns. Completing the puzzle requires creating a solid set of colors on every side of the cube.

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How Do You Solve the Rubik's Cube?
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Creating a white cross on the top of the cube by rotating the pieces until all center pieces are white begins the official solution to the cube, according to Rubiks. Turning the pieces until the side becomes fully white completes the second pattern. Rotating the two bottom sections until the entire two bottom layers feature only one color delivers the third pattern in the process.

Turning the pieces until a yellow cross appears at the top is the next step in the official solution, and filling in the side by rotating the pieces until the full face becomes yellow creates the next pattern. Finally, spin the center pieces until all of the sides show the same color. Because there are so many potential starting positions, it may help to start further along in the process, based on the layout at the time you begin the puzzle.

As of 2015, the world record for solving a Rubik's Cube is 5.25 seconds.

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