How Do You Solve the Grow Cube in "Eyemaze?"


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Solve the "Grow Cube" game on the video game website Eyemaze by selecting the icons in the correct order: man, water, plants, bucket, tube, fire, bowl, bone, spring and ball. After selecting an icon, a brief animation shows changes made to the cube, typically by an increasingly multiplying number of cartoon figures.

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When the "Grow Cube" game starts, the player is shown a large brown cube subdivided with gridlines. A "Grow" logo is on the left of the two vertical sides facing the player. Five icons are listed on either side of the cube.

After correctly selecting the first icon, a small yellow figure appears in one corner of the upper face of the cube. After choosing the next symbol, the figure begins digging into the cube, as a blue section, representing water, appears on the right face. The figure eventually digs down, causing a geyser to erupt upwards. The icon after this distributes green, yellow and orange plants on the upper surface, and the figure divides into two. Each begins excavating a trench on the surface of the cube that connects to the geyser lake, causing a stream to run off the left side of the cube. The upper blocks turn green as a result.

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