How Do You Solve a Cryptoquote Puzzle?


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Looking for one-letter words, contractions and possessive forms of words are some strategies for solving cryptoquote puzzles. A cryptoquote puzzle, also known as a cryptogram, requires the player to decrypt a coded quotation in which each letter corresponds to a specific letter of the alphabet.

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Cryptoquotes can be more difficult than other puzzles because of the guesswork involved, but there are a number of strategies to help players make more educated guesses. First look for one-letter words, which in English could only be I or A. Additionally, look for contractions and possessives. If a single letter follows an apostrophe at the end of the word, it could only be T, S, D or M. If the contraction contains two letters, they must be "VE," "RE" or "LL." It is also helpful to know the most common letters in the English language: E, T, A, O, I and N. If a letter appears many times in the encrypted quote, it is very likely one of these letters.

Once the player determines the real letter that a coded letter corresponds to, he can replace all of the same coded letters with the correct ones. As more and more letters are determined, it becomes easier to complete full words and fill in more letters.

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