Where Are the Solutions for B. Dazzle Puzzles?

Solution hints for b. dazzle Scramble Squares are available at the company's official website, B-Dazzle.com. The resource provides visual hints for more than 150 puzzles, and customers can call 310-374-3000 to receive a hint for any unlisted puzzle, as of 2015.

Scramble Squares are affordable brain teaser puzzles that are intended for all ages. Each Scramble Square consists of nine 4-inch square pieces that must be rearranged at different sides and angles to solve. The challenge of solving the puzzle teaches children patience and helps develop their fine motor skills. It also helps maintain the mental health of elderly people, as mentioned by B. Dazzle. Scramble Squares can be played individually or in a group. After completing a puzzle, it is common for people to store it in a binder used for collecting them.

Scramble Squares have received praise from different organizations as quality educational toys. The Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco has awarded the puzzle as Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products of 2008, and specific Scramble Squares have received their own awards as well. GAMES magazine listed it as one of the Top 100 Games for all ages, and Learning Magazine has chosen it as a Product Pick for Math in the Games category.