How Do I Soften Leather?

soften-leather Credit: Hoaria Varlan/CC-BY 2.0

Soften leather with use to break in the rigid material. Accelerate the softening process by applying oils, jellies and other agents to the leather.

  1. Soften leather with use

    Use the product to soften leather naturally. Walk in new leather shoes, or play catch with a new leather ball glove to contour and soften leather materials.

  2. Cure leather to soften

    Soften leather by rubbing baby oil into the hard surface. Apply petroleum jelly to rigid surfaces to make stiff leather more pliable.

  3. Soften leather with factory products

    Apply softening cream from leather manufacturers, such as Frye Conditioning Cream or Howard Leather Conditioner, to soften stiff leather products. Combine use and softening agents to produce the quickest results.