What Are Some Soccer Games to Play Online?

There are many online soccer (or football) games available to play online from websites dedicated to online gaming. Some popular options include Euro 2012 Free Kick, World Cup Penalty, and Goalkeeper Premium.

All you need to play soccer games online is access to a computer and some free time. Other popular titles include Speedplay Soccer 2, European Soccer Champions, Messi's Halloween Shootout, and Bicycle Kick Champion. These games vary in graphic level and difficulty setting and while some will be duds, other games are immensely enjoyable and addictive. Games can be one-player or played against other online players around the world.

“Bola Game” is an ESPN Arcade game. Gamers take control of a soccer team and help it win the game. They control the soccer players using the arrow keys. When a team member has the ball, the gamer can press the Z key to try to score. On defense, the gamer can press the space bar to switch to other players.

“1 on 1 Soccer” gives players a chance to square off against another human or the computer. When two human gamers are playing from the same computer, player one uses the left and right keys to move accordingly and the space bar to jump. Player two uses the A and D keys to move left and right respectively and the W key to jump.