What is the "Snake Game?"


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While games called "Snake" or "Snake Game" typically involve the player controlling a line or snake, there is no official version of the game, so gameplay varies. The most common version of the game involves the snake or line eating items which make it longer, with the objective being to avoid running into a border or the snake itself for as long as possible.

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In the game, the player usually controls a dot or square and uses a joystick or arrow keys to make it change direction. The snake is always moving left, right, up or down. Objects, which may be simply colored squares, appear on the screen. When the snake moves over that object, it eats it, which makes the snake grow longer.

The player loses when the snake either runs into a border or its own body. Because of this, the game becomes more difficult as it goes on, due to the growth of the snake.

Another version of the game has multiple snakes, with each snake controlled by a player. The objective is to survive longer than the other players, which often involves one player blocking another with his snake.

Nokia has installed the "Snake Game" on many of its phones. The game is also available on several websites, including YouTube, which allows viewers to play the game while a video loads.

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