Who Is the Snail Named Bob?

Bob, a dysfunctional snail, travels across the galaxy performing helpful tasks to those in need. With his helpful space helmet, Bob is famous for fixing broken items for victims of misfortune.

Playable on many free online gaming websites, Bob The Snail is a popular physics based game requiring players to navigate Bob through levels full of puzzles, obstacles and enemies.

Since Bob The Snail 1, Bob The Snail has 9 total installations in its series, as of 2015. Players advance to new levels by using Bob to smash obstacles and interact with materials. Bob knows nothing of his game world relying on the player to navigate him safely to the level exit.

Players use the mouse and keypad to direct Bob throughout the game. Bob the Snail is a single player game, restricting players to playing on their own. Bob The Snail offers music and the ability to turn off sound effects to its players.

Each Bob The Snail installation begins with a short cut scene to provide some background knowledge to the player allowing a better understanding of the goal of Bob. Each installation puts Bob in a different environment to offer a varied gaming experience to the player.