What Is "SmallWorlds"?

What Is "SmallWorlds"?

“SmallWorlds” is an online simulation game in which players get to interact with other gamers in a virtual world. When players first create an account, they make avatars that they use to represent themselves in this virtual world.

“SmallWorlds” encourages players to chat, hang out and play games with other players in real time. After making friends with some of the millions of users, players can invite them to go on adventures and explore this virtual world.

The game is filled with thousands of items for players to collect and show off in their virtual houses. They can even create their own sculptures and paintings. To make their homes unique, gamers can plant plants and decorate with the items that they have collected. They can also adopt a free pet to take care of to keep their homes from feeling empty.

In “SmallWorlds,” all players have a Citizen Level, which allows a player to wear and use specific items. Players Interact with others and play games in the player-vs-player arena to increase their Citizen Level.

All of the player-vs-player arena games rely on certain character attributes to win. Players can increase their odds of winning a game by increasing their corresponding attributes. For example, some attributes affect the resilience and speed of a player's avatar.